Chase Bank commercial reveals what’s wrong with America

As Queen’s “I Want it All” (I want it now, too!. . . ) reminds us that it is our right duty, as Americans, to enjoy immediate gratification, particularly with regard to bigger, fancier, pricier big-boy toys, the voice-over informs us that, if we acquire a Chase credit card, we can now text Chase to determine our balance, that we might see if we can afford that even-bigger television (because the one at home is already two years old!). Of course, chances are, as Americans, we’ll buy it even if we cannot afford it, thereby furthering our reliance on credit.

Chase Bank, of course, is part of JPMorgan Chase, now, courtesy of Uncle Sam, the largest bank in the nation.


4 Responses

  1. ALL of these banking/insurance/investment commercials have taken on a whole new meaning of late …

  2. Right on!!! As of today, we may never be able to buy anything on credit again unless we make $200,000 a year. Keep up the great work.

  3. In what is yet another twisted Chase Bank ad campaign, one Chase TV ad begins with two young – far too young – black girls “hooking up” with a guy on their cell phones while their oblivious mother sits beside them.

    Chase seems to be pushing the worst racist stereotypes onto the public, and Chase does so by showing the black mother acquiescing in her daughter’s behaviour.

    Chase Bank, an Ultra-White corporation, should be condemned for putting such racist TV ads in heavy rotation across America.

  4. I am so tired of this commercial!!!!!!!!!!! I will never bank there. Spoiled brat kids should not have cell phones.
    That one girls a future stuck up bitch!!!!!! They should be taught to respect boys/ men. Chad don’t want her ass anyway. Plus they run it over and over again.
    The sound the phone is making is a low battery signal,
    not a text message.

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