“Socialism is the only route to the salvation of the world.”

Thus spake Chavez.

BEIJING (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez broke into an unlikely snippet of song for bitter ideological foe George W. Bush on Thursday, trilling “you are so like me” about the man he has called a donkey and the devil.

The staunch leftist said the world financial crisis had forced his U.S. counterpart to recognise flaws in the economic system that he had been pointing out for years.

Reason enough — as if I hadn’t any already — to oppose the bailout.

What troubles me most (Many things about it bother me.) about this is Chavez’s use of the word “salvation”. This is precisely the problem with any form of ideology, whether socialism, pseduo-conservatism, various forms of liberalism, and everything in between, that is, what’s wrong with everything but conservatism (in the traditional sense of Burke, Kirk, et alios): The risible notion of being able to save the world, to save man qua mortal being, of being able to establish any sort of utopian world.

(Hat tip: the GW Patriot‘s Daily Links, 26 September)


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