Biden disagrees with Bork on Roe v. Wade

Obvious, I realize. But did he just say this. Whether one supports abortion rights or not, Roewas terrible jurisprudence. How the hell can Biden feel comfortable pulling this line? I just don’t understand.


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  1. What percentage of the American people a) know anything about the actual reasoning employed in the Roe v. Wade decision as opposed to its outcome (if they even have accurate views about that), b) are both competent to and interested in assessing Roe’s legal reasoning as legal reasoning rather than just approving or disapproving depending on how they feel about its outcome, and c) are undecided voters? The center of that particular Venn Diagram is a demographic that Biden can afford to lose.

    Come to think of it, how many members of the press meet all three criteria? If it’s anything over 1% I’d be shocked.

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