Biden-Palin debate drinking game: Open thread

Please, add your suggestions in the comment boxes.

*Palin talks about not blinking, one shot or drink; two additional shots/drinks per each repetition of the word “blink” within a single statement

*Biden rambles incoherently, one shot or drink for first minute; one per every thirty seconds thereafter

*Palin refers to being able to see Russia, two shots or drinks

*Biden refers to John McCain as his friend, then says he’s out-of-touch, or something to this effect, two shots or drinks


7 Responses

  1. Palin stalls for time by referring to the moderator by his (her?) first name: one drink per ten occurrences.

  2. Palin replies to any question by referring to McCain as “the original maverick” – 1 shot.

  3. · Palin or Biden raises an irrelevant topic in answer to the question asked, one shot or drink per three occurrences (in response to one question).
    · Moderator mentions the media treatment of Palin, one shot or drink.
    · Biden or Palin says lines that SNL writers could put word-for-word into their spoof, one shot or drink.

  4. Oh, may God have mercy on my liver.

  5. Why not question that the moderator, Gwen Ifill, of the upcoming Biden-Palin debate is pro-Obama. She wrote a book that praises Obama, obviously she will try her best to make Palin look bad in the debate Why couldn’t the moderator be more fair and bi-partisan?

    Why not make fun of Joe Biden, who thinks FDR was President in 1929, and thinks paying more taxes is patriotic?

  6. Uh, Equality, could you phrase that in the form of a drinking game rule?

  7. This was a bad idea!

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