Sarah Palin: NOT The right choice, not the right to choose

Senator John McCain, on the heels of Obama’s grand disquisition, announces that he has chosen Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin to run with him. I have to say, Senator McCain has impressed me tremendously — not enough to sway me away from Barr (or, maybe, Baldwin), but enough that, were I willing to vote major party if I thought that Indiana might be up for grabs, I should seriously consider throwing my vote away, that is, voting for the Republican candidate. I say this not necessarily because I find myself in agreement with Governor Palin on policy issues (although, of course, in many instances, I do), but because I think that this shows a bit of keenness on the Arizonan’s part that I haven’t seen before, keenness that, as I said, impresses me.

I read somewhere that some twenty per cent of Hillary Clinton supporters, rather than backing Senator Obama, have polled in favor of McCain; having a young, intelligent woman on his ticket, I am convinced, will help McCain to draw more of them, more women in general toward him. Despite his generally pro-life voting record, McCain’s support of ESCR and his lukewarm responses respecting Roe v. Wade have left some ardent pro-lifers skeptical; Sarah Palin should suffice, I think, to reassure voters of McCain’s anti-abortion position. Her fifth child suffers from Down’s syndrome: Unlike some eighty per cent of women who learn, pre-natal, that their child suffers from this, Palin, in April, gave birth to a six-pound, two-ounce son. Contrast that with Senator Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden, a pro-choice Catholic, who, although receiving only tepid praise from NARAL, has received a zero per cent rating from the NRLC.

As the New York Times reports, in the article linked supra, Obama’s campaign has already come out swinging

“Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency,” Bill Burton, a spokesman for the Obama campaign, said in a statement.

“Hey, kettle, you’re black, too!” says Barack Obama, who has no elected executive experience, is an idiot regarding foreign policy, and, well, has done little actually worthy of note other than speaking eloquently.

Finally, the former beauty pageant queen, who last year posed in Vogue, is far better looking than Hillary Clinton, as well as the first, and most recent, major-party female candidate for vice-president, who, as does Biden, and the moronic Pelosi, inter alios, tried to play the pro-choice Catholic game. John Zmirak’s mom wanted nothing to do with that.

Rod and Ross seem to agree with me that Senator McCain has chosen perspicaciously. Sarah the Barracuda may be small fish, but she has bite.

Seriously, what was I thinking? Granted, none of knew just how ignorant Sarah Palin has proven to be, but, wow, this is my worst foray into prognostication since I suggested that the Kaiser would retain power after the First World War.

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  1. […] toward John McCain in the wake of his announcement today. Moreover, some — including, as I noted before, Obama’s campaign — question Governor Palin’s experience and qualifications. As […]

  2. Terrible Choice! The most responsible republicans could not accept this nomination – there are lot more sophisticated people among them who deserved that office.
    And in fact, it’s not about merit – but who can lead us into better, safer world?! Not this or any other hockey mum – they spent too much time playing and toolittle time reading and learning.(the price you pay).Please republicans, unite and show that her time has not yet come. She needs to be pickled. Scarry, scarry stuff!

  3. Welcome, Annabel!

    I’m curious to know who you think is “more sophisticated” who deserves the office. The GOP is in shambles, and, untested or not, I think that Palin is part of the brighter future for the party. Yes, she’s a hockey mom, but she’s also a governor; maybe not for a long time, but her constituents trusted her, and she’s remained popular in the state. As I posted up-blog, I’m not really convinced that whether Palin, or anyone, can “lead us into a better, safer world” is the qualification upon which to judge someone.

  4. Well thank you!

    I can’t imagine that Sarah Palin could be a match to people like Elisabeth Dole, James Baker, even Tom Ridge or really Mitt Romney. Even the father Bush had intellectualism and wisdom.
    She punches the air like a silly school girl, without understanding what is she getting into, talks about values and leaves her Down syndrom infant for the sake of power. I am a mother and I believe there is nobody that needs you more than your young children. Our responsibility to the world is to raise our kids first. Political jobs are vulgarly demanding, so there will be no time spared for anybody else.
    Also, you do understand that she has no education to speak of. Why do we work hard, press our children to study well, push them to go to the best schools in the country if an example of vp nominee comes with gugu degree from school where most students don’t even know the map of the world … fails even as a sport journalist and then rushes into politics (because that actually is what many failed journalists do). LIsten to her opponents – she ran on congeniality and won. Well great, for some suburban county (or Alaska) but not for America. I have that awful feeling that if McCain becomes unable to lead the office this will be the end of our great country. Let’s be serious and think of the land of our forefathers which they build for us not to give away for smiles and sham values.

  5. I am energized, rejuvenated and ‘over the top’ with excitement with Senator McCain’s choice for the Vice- President position! Atlast , a ‘down to earth,’ intelligent woman who has true family values. I have confidence that Sarah Palin will do a great job . I know too many so called intellectuals who are devoid of moral integrity. Governor Palin is a breath of fresh air which is what American politics needs.

  6. Palin is an excellent choice. Very few people in politics today have kept their values and the real American dreams in focus. All they care about is serving special interest groups, playing to the anti-americans, and certain lazy minorities who refuse to accept responsibility for their lives. I have never felt so energized and hopeful that we could actually get someone like her that will head to Washington and actually have a voice against the good ole’boy network. She may be young, but she has very strong convictions and knows what middle class Americans are going through. She is also bright enough that if she had to become the President, she would surround herself by the most experienced and pro-American people in this great Country of ours. She can actually relate to the middle class unlike the majority of other politicians who don’t have a clue. Obama’s campaign will use that she is “only a heart beat away” from being the commander in chief, but they know she strengthened McCain’s campaign. Obama is clueless..and the people that support him have their hands in his pockets and their heads in the sand. It’s a shame that she is already being criticized because she should be at home with her children….and I am sure they will not suffer for her commitment. The only thing they will suffer from is the hatred and negative criticism that is spread by so many people that are threatened by her and now they will go on the attack at all costs. She is a refreshing change that this country really needs.

  7. Evidentlly, Annabel Leah hasn’t heard the old saying,{If some people would keep there mouth shut , other people would think they were smart} Common sense goes a lot farther than most Phds. As a registered democrat, I’m ashamed to call myself a democrat. Sarah Palin just put John McCain in the white house. God Bless John McCain and God Bless Sarah Palin And GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  8. I am an independent voter who sees Mccain’s choice as a desperate attempt to win over the so called disgruntled Clinton supporters.The problem is that she does not support anything that Clinton promised her supporters.I know a few female voters who are disgusted because it shows how out of touch Sen. Mccain and the republicans are with the current generation of people.The negativity and scummy moves along with their talk show drones ( Bortz,Hannity,Limbaugh, etc.) seem to have a problem with Americans who are black,gay,hispanic or who are educated.( liberal colleges,blah blah blah.)I’m sick of both parties,because they are all going for power.So called Christians should know the power behind all world governments.

  9. “how out of touch Sen. Mccain and the republicans are with the current generation of people”

    Yes and no. First, the Republicans, for better or for worse, are in touch with a fair proportion of “the current generation of people”. Trust me; I know plenty of those people. Moreover, the Democrats are just as out of touch. I know some female voters, nominal Democrats who had supported Senator Clinton, who have no interest in voting for Senator Obama and, in fact, rejoiced upon hearing that he had selected Palin. Those who are disgusted by this pick, I wager, likely wouldn’t have voted for Senator McCain, regardless of whom he chose; others, such as those to whom I refer, are not disgusted. Perhaps their naïfs.

    “So called Christians should know the power behind all world governments.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

  10. Oh, and, thank-you for the comment, and welcome, Allen!

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