The Northern Agrarian endorses Ralph Nader

But beyond a policy based argument, Nader speaks to the heart of conservatism. Maybe not mainstream conservatism, but a conservatism separated from mass-consumerism and talk-radio, Fox News demagoguery. A candidate that is an enemy of corporate America and a friend of the environment is not a pinko-commie, but a conservative.

“The resources of nature, like those of spirit, are running out, and all that a conscientious man can aspire to be is a literal conservative, hoarding what remains of culture and of natural wealth against the fierce appetites of modern life.”
-Russell Kirk

Is there a candidate speaking more directly to America-First, localist, populist, agrarian conservatism than Ralph Nader? I think not. Go, Ralph, go!

Read the entire endorsement here.

Patrick offers, on the whole, a provoking, on-point, and generally persuasive analysis of Nader qua conservative, as well as some necessary criticism of Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin, recipient of Ron Paul’s endorsement.

I make only one criticism of Patrick’s column, that being that Patrick avoids discussion of Nader’s less acceptable policy views: support for abortion-on-demand, single-payer health care, and radical environmentalism, rather than sensible, quasi-market-based conservation, amongst them. Nonetheless, it’s a fine piece, and sincere conservatives (Read: “Pseudocons need not apply.”) should give serious consideration to the arguments proffered by Patrick and Justin Raimondo. I’ve yet to decide for sure between Nader and Baldwin, but this is quite the compelling defense of calling oneself a Conservative for Nader.


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