Web-log-roll updates; what you should be reading

Check the roll to the side; I’ve added a couple of new categories and a few additional web-logs; more may be coming, soon.

Also, I want to list ten web-logs that I suggest you make priority reading:

1. Eunomia, by Daniel Larison
2. Upturned Earth, by John Schwenkler
3. Postmodern Conservative, featuring James G. Poulos, Peter Lawler, Will Wilson (of The Reactionary Epicurean), and more.
4. Mirror of Justice, dedicated to the development of Catholic legal theory
5. Restoring Mayberry, by Brian Kaller
6. Vox Nova, offering numerous Catholic perspectives on the Church and politics
7. What I Saw in America, by the extraordinary Prof. Patrick Deneen
8. The Debatable Land, even if Massie is a UM fan
9. @TAC
11.The Northern Agrarian


One Response

  1. Hmmm…

    I know next to nothing about any of these blogs except for Vox Nova, which gets my goat almost every time I read an entry there – it seems the blog could just as well been titled “Moral Equivalence.” Do you mind telling me your general opinion of the blog? It seems to me like you would be quite against the general aura there.


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