The Washington Post Hates Liberty

In today’s issue, the editorial board offers its endorsements for four Congressional seats from Maryland. They offered all four to Democrats. The language and reasoning employed by the board suggests just what a joke American “liberalism” has become, neither particularly liberal nor “progressive”, but statist in the worst ways. Call me terrified.

Following are excerpts from the endorsement column.

WHEN VOTERS in Maryland’s 4th Congressional District, which stretches from Prince George’s County into Montgomery, dislodged Rep. Albert R. Wynn in the Democratic primary this year, they put considerable faith in the potential of an energetic but untested newcomer, Donna F. Edwards. [ . . . ] Ms. Edwards has shown that she deserves a full term in Congress.

We’ve disagreed with some of her votes: against the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, for example, and against the first version of the $700 billion rescue plan for the ailing economy. But Ms. Edwards supported the final version of the rescue after asking some reasonable questions about it. [ . . . ] Her opponent, Republican Peter James, is a crusader against deficit spending who endorses such extreme remedies as abolishing the Federal Reserve and who has issued a local currency to underscore his point. The currency hasn’t caught on; neither should his candidacy.

[ . . . ]

A similar showdown is unfolding in Maryland’s 5th District, where a likable challenger, Republican Collins A. Bailey, is attempting to unseat an accomplished incumbent, Democrat Steny H. Hoyer. As a longtime member of the Charles County Board of Education, Mr. Bailey has done an admirable job of managing the county’s schools. But his doctrinaire interpretation of the Constitution makes Ron Paul sound like a loose constructionist. Mr. Hoyer, who has represented the district with distinction since 1981 and has served as House majority leader since the 2006 Democratic takeover, is the superior choice. Mr. Hoyer’s pragmatic leadership on national issues has produced compromises on key issues, including the federal surveillance bill and the financial rescue plan. His sway has meant millions in federal dollars for the district, which stretches from Greenbelt to southern St. Mary’s County.

[All emphasis mine. – NPO]

Once upon a time — or so I’ve heard — the media comprised a Fourth Estate,and had some sort of moral obligation to advocate for sound policy. Maybe I engage in historical revisionism here; I don’t know. Whatever the case, the Post, in its reckless opposition to Constitutional limits, reveals exactly why so many individuals and organizations who may have opposed, say, the Iraq War or the USA PATRIOT Act (neither of which this establishmentarian rag opposes) nonetheless have been complicit in the acceptance of such pernicious policies — by being unwilling elsewhere (e.g. health care) to stand up against the federal government’s intervening where it simply does not belong.

Give someone an inch and he’ll take a mile; give the government an inch and it will defecate on the Constitution, destroy the country(ies) within its national borders, and drive the currency’s value to nothing. Impeach Congress and impeach the Post. (Can I receive a partial refund if I cancel my subscription?)

2 Responses

  1. There is a similar race here in North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District: a Liberty-and-Constitution Republican (B.J. Lawson) against an incumbent Democrat (David Price). I’ve had trouble figuring out what I want to do. I don’t know if Lawson has managed to get any endorsements; I think Price has pretty successfully portrayed him as outside the mainstream, which is, strictly speaking, true.

    To me, it seems like a choice between a candidate who wants to play the game well by the current rules, and a candidate who wants to change the rules.

    My response to all of this is to wish for a fuller historical narrative of the expansion of federal power, because it seems to have been on a pretty steady march for the last 200 years..

  2. Ah yes, the last line: “His sway has meant millions in federal dollars for the district, which stretches from Greenbelt to southern St. Mary’s County.” Such a thin sugar coating on such a jagged little pill: the rest of Hoyer’s endorsement consists only in praise for his compromises on the surveillance bill and the bailout, and his relative flexibility on the Constitution.

    It’s easy to mistake the op-ed page for the sports page nowadays, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter how well you play, it only matters what jersey you wear. Scratch that: it’s offensive to sportswriters, who generally offer more insightful and balanced analysis of the home team’s performance. Even here in Philly 😉

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