On Charlie Weis and Financial Mismanagement

Mike Coffey, at NDNation, has a must-read:

Some people are in that position, however. I’m now looking beyond the Empty Suit and wondering who else’s imprimatur was on Weis’ golden handcuffs. I find it very hard to believe [Kevin] White, who couldn’t manage something as innocuous as a press breakfast without tripping all over his tongue, had a loose leash in doing something like this. There’s a reason you don’t put the good china on the kiddie table.

Was John Affleck-Graves, revenue hawk extraordinaire, aware Notre Dame was going to be on the hook for this amount of money if Weis failed? Did Fr. John Jenkins realize he was promising Weis money that could have financed a high-quality basketball practice facility or the new ice rink the hockey program so richly deserves? Was Richard Notebaert or Philip Purcell in the loop when, in an atmosphere of rising tuition and pressing academic and athletic projects, scads of money was locked in for an unproven coach?

What did these men know and when did they know it? And how soon should they be removed from their positions after Weis if it’s shown they did? These are the things the Notre Dame family should be asking itself right now. If Weis is still Notre Dame’s coach next year, the buyout may be a major reason why.

[ . . . ]

Accountability and transparency are key. The days of “Pay, Pray and Obey” are long in our rear-view mirror thanks to the sheer arrogance and maladroitness of the Monk Malloy administration. It’s time the true stakeholders of Notre Dame got an explanation for this waste of funds, no matter if it’s eight figures or eight dollars.

Well said, Mr. Coffey. I really regret having written a check to the University this year. *sigh*


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  1. No matter the cost, ND needs to fire Weis.

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