Liberals Seek to Destroy Luxembourg

From, via the New Oxford Review:

Luxembourg — Luxembourg’s Grand Duke Henri, widely seen as a modernizing figure but strongly attached to Roman Catholic values, is set to see his sovereign powers clipped in a furor over euthanasia.

The 53-year-old sovereign threw off his traditional political neutrality when he let it be known that, for “reasons of conscience,” he would refuse to sign into law a bill adopted by parliament to legalize euthanasia.

In doing so, he triggered a proposed constitutional amendment — swiftly promoted by Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker — towards a purely formal Swedish style of monarchy in the small but wealthy duchy.

And Juncker’s even a member of the Christian Social People’s Party! Ugh. I say give Henri more power.


One Response

  1. At least there is one principled nobleman left in this world.

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