Iowa and Cosmopolitan Ignorance

I have little to say about the today’s Iowa gay marriage ruling. I don’t think, in the history of Nathancontramundi, I’ve dedicate more than a few posts to the subject, mainly because I have nothing but convoluted thoughts on the matter. John, who links to the ruling and to a pretty solid commentary on the ruling, has some thoughts here.

What interests me most about reactions to the decision are the numerous “pro-Iowa” status and away messages I’ve seen on AIM and Facebook today. I have no qualm with the support many of my friends have shown for the decision, but I’m troubled — though certainly not surprised — by the attitudes inherent in most of these opinions, to wit, the “Hey, not bad for a bunch of provincial hicks!” point-of-view. I think it’s fair to say that Iowa, even if more “conservative,” is a swing state that has, much like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois, a fairly strong progressive/populist strain in its political history, and, thus, this decision ought not to shock the “progressives.”

Second, I’m perturbed, to say the least, that the reaction is, “Yay, Iowa!” as if Iowa, and not a few judges, sent down this ruling. Small-d democratic will (Not that it necessarily was opposed; I don’t know, and am too lazy to research, statistics on Iowans’ views about same-sex marriage.) is wonderful, as long as it supports what we do; when it dissents, we have no problem with leaving decision-making power to the courts.

Finally, what the hell is so bad about Iowa that one person, on Facebook, actually writes, “[Name redacted] may to rag on Iowa less.” We’re talking about the home of William Appleman Williams, Ray Kinsella, the National Farm Toy Museum, Henry A. Wallace, and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where the fabulous Marilynne Robinson teaches. Maybe if they pulled their heads out of the “cosmopolitan” arses, the excitement might be a bit more subdued and rational and less insular.

I’m just sayin’.


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  1. Fiction often tells the truth better than facts ever can.

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