I shall not attend the University’s campus-wide commencement

The secular Left PWNs us now.

There will be no more prayer at the campus-wide commencement ceremony after the University Senate voted to eliminate the practice yesterday.

The senate approved a proposal that eliminates a prayer invocation at the university’s annual commencement ceremony in a 32-14 vote after a lengthy debate that touched on the controversial issue of the separation of church and state.

“The real concern this issue raises is the separation of church and state,” Jewish history professor Marsha Rozenblit said. “And that is one of the most important features of our democracy.”


“We need to be careful not to send the message that secular language is seen as superior and acceptable while religious language is seen as inferior and unacceptable,” [Episcopalian chaplain Rev. Peter Antoci] said. “[The university’s chaplains] are a living example of how the university has embraced religious expression and tolerance.”


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