The Great Silence of Truth

A strange thing happened last night, Holy Thursday, as I walked home from class.

My walk from campus takes me through the parking lot of the Catholic church near my house (where I generally try not to attend Mass). The Holy Thursday Mass had just finished not long before, and (or so I presume) the Blessed Sacrament remained for adoration. As I passed, I slowed, bowed, and crossed myself. Typically, even at the best (by Novus Ordo standards) Masses, I have an unfortunate tendency to allow my mind to wander, not because I wish to, but because my attention span is that of a child’s, at best. For that five seconds that I dedicated my attention to the presence of the Sacrament, my mind was completely empty of anything other than the Sacrament.

Something like that has never happened to me, however brief the occasion was.


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