Wendell Berry, Kirkian

From “The Use of Energy”, in The Art of the Commonplace:

The energy that is made available to us by the living things, on the other hand, is made available not as an inconceivable quantity, but as a conceivable pattern. […] It was mastered, better than our scientific experts have mastered it, by “primitive” peasants and tribesman thousands of years before modern science. It is conceivable not so much to the analytic intelligence, to which it may always remain in part mysterious, as to the imagination, by which we perceive, value, and imitate order beyond our understanding.

[My emphasis. – NPO]

Is this not, in a particular way, just the moral imagination whereof Burke and Kirk so eloquently scribed?


2 Responses

  1. Pretty durn Heideggerian too… Major echoes of “The Question Concerning Technology.”

  2. The sad truth is that I haven’t read much Heidegger, but I think that I’ll have to look this one up.

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