Cubs win! Cubs wins! Hoooooly Cow!

I just wanted, happily, to note that, as of two thirty, post-meridian, on the fourth of August, the Chicago Cubs, with a record of sixty-seven wins and forty-five losses (a point-five-ninety-eight winning per-centage!), maintain a five-game lead over the Milwaukee (read “Wrigley-North”) Brewers and a six-game margin against perfidious St. Louis. Only Tampa Bay (What?!) and the Los Angeles of Anaheim, presently, possess better records. This feels good.


Some people, at least, remain passionate about America’s pastime

From the Chicago Tribune: I’m not sure if I feel pride or shame at the violence dealt to a lone White Sox fan by a gang of three North Side loyalists, but this ridiculous, either way. Proof, though, I suppose, that not all of us Wrigley patriots are effete types. As an un-signed blurb in the 28 July issue of The American Conservative, happily, proclaims, “there is new life in the game.” Huzzah!

Gotta love the Irish! Candygram.

First, they saved civilization.

And now, they have saved a game for the Cubs (Ignore his clearly Slavic last name.) This is one land Shark (Cleverest species of them all!) I’d welcome at my door.

I’m only a dolphin, ma’am.

Cheer, cheer for old . . . Chicago!

A tip o’ the hat to The Blue-Gray Sky for this one, from the Chicago Sun-Times:

A Cubs team fiercely trying to focus on the present could get its first glimpse of a big part of its future today with the arrival of top pitching prospect Jeff Samardzija.

[ . . . ]

The former Notre Dame football star might even start for the Cubs this weekend, though that could not be immediately confirmed. A Saturday start would push back Rich Harden’s scheduled start to his sixth day — a schedule that produced good results for Harden with Oakland earlier this year.

Well, ain’t that some-thin’?!

Update Samardzija pitched to-day, in the Cubs’ loss (*sigh*) to the Marlins:

Chicago Cubs IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Samardzija (BS, 1) 2.0 2 1 1 0 2 0 4.50

Not the most heartening performance, but not too bad, either: Twenty-seven of his thirty-nine pitches were strikes, and, although he earned a blown-save for him-self in his Major League debut, he managed not to receive credit for the loss, that going to Bob Howry, who followed him and surrendered a ninth-inning home-run to pinch-hitter Jeremy Hermida. Alas, the Cubs maintain, now, only a half-game lead over the Brewers in the Central Division.

Incidentally, some years ago, my brother played against Samardzija, a multi-sport stand-out, in high school basketball. The Valparaiso Vikings obliterated the North Judson-San Pierre Blue Jays.

Simultaneously awesome and sad

Introducing the Manatees. Seriously, this is awesome. But it really troubles me; we need to be discouraging, rather than encouraging, obesity. I love baseball and, despite the scandals of recent years, look forward to another year of heartbreak: Eamus Catuli!.