My roommate, Vadim, regarding Avril Lavigne: “Now I believe in conspiracy theories.”

I have no idea why he stumbled upon this, but he drew to my attention that Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” has reached NINETY-SIX-POINT-THREE-PLUS BILLION hits. This song is atrocious, the video is about as inspiring as later-years Simpsons, and, well, she looks like hell in this video. Absolute hell. Please, Avril, spare us all: Grow up. (This last line applies equally to whatever sort of demented soul(s) find pleasure, sadistic or masochistic, in repeatedly playing this video simply to increase the hit total.)

“Counting to four” (I love Leslie Feist.)

Matthew Yglesias has posted the awesome YouTube video of Feist, singing “Counting to Four”, a charming, directed-toward-children self-parody of her “1234”, on Sesame Street. So cool. Check it out, here.

The Sude, posting this video at TAS, linked to me, as well as to Yglesias. The publicity has inflated my blog stats; as long as people keep showing up at this page, I figure I’ll give them a bit more. So, enjoy the following:

YouTube video of “1234”.

“1234” on The Late Show

On Jimmy Kimmel’s bus, playing “I Feel It All”, which I, personally, prefer over “1234”.

And, un-related to Feist, but awesome, none-the-less: Bonnie “Prince” Billy, live, playing “You Want That Picture”, a song to which I cannot stop listening.


Every-one needs his daily dose of Reihan

From Wikipedia: “Ravi Shankar is a leading Indian instrumentalist of the modern era.” Replace “Ravi Shankar” with “Reihan Salam” and “Indian” with “Bengali-American”, and you get Drunken. Piano. Song. Enjoy!

Music not to be missed

Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Lie Down in the Light. Really, I’ve struggled to keep this one out of the car c.d. player (only a recently renewed affection for the Cure’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me — nice contrast, eh? — has kept Lie Down from playing incessantly), and constantly play tracks from it on iTunes. I regret not seeing him when he played at Notre Dame whilst I studied there. For those of you not familiar with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, or Will Oldham, as he’s legally known, he plays intoxicatingly good, stripped down country/roots indie folk, and writes as marvelously as Dante. (Hyperbole, I concede.) Listen to “So Everyone” and tell me that anyone could make the following lines sound as sweet and beautiful, rather than dirty, as he does.

O take it, O take me,
O Take it so easy.
O make it, O make me,
O kneel down and please me.
O Lady! O Boy!
Show how you want me
and do it so everyone sees me.

Buy this compact disc (or record!).