“You need to make sure your child can speak Spanish.”

So sayeth Senator Obama. I fully endorse his suggestion that our education system — or, better yet, parents (Yes, they have an equally important as, if not more valid than, right and duty to educate chilrden than the State has.) — ensure that Americans possess the ability to speak two, if not more, languages. I am, how-ever, uncomfortable with his specific assertion that our children need to learn to speak Spanish. Yes, as the American population becomes increasingly Hispanic in origin (unless, bucking trends, we “Anglos” start making many more babies, which I fully advocate), Spanish will become even more prevalently spoken; however, English remains, for now, at least, a lingua franca of the world, and, undeniably, in this nation (and Obama contends that immigrants will learn English, anyway). The ever-strengthening power of China would incline me to suggest that Mandarin should be the second language of choice; how-ever, never will I make such a claim, because, well, I loathe Red China. Learn L√ętzebuergesch, the native dialect of Luxembourg, instead: that country, ancestral home-land of the Origers, is a pretty swell place (or so I hear; I’ve yet to visit, though, some-day, I intend to remedy this).


As much as I disdain Red China

I can’t disagree totally with this. Though I contend that our abuses pale in comparison to those of the Reds, we certainly lack a clean record.