The Real World Hits DC, Hilarity Ensues

The Anti-Real World DC:

8:00 Douchbag producer walks up to girl I was talking to and hands her a release form. He tells her that Douchbag TRWDC star would love to meet her and have a few drinks with her. She smiles, looks at me, frowns, and then walks over to the TRWDC table.

8:03 I order Vodka Soda number eight, look over at my friends…they can barely contain their laughter…I let out a profane streak of cusses, pay my tab and leave. I flick off the TRW crew on the way out and think about walking up the street to piss on the house. I err on the side of keeping myself out of the drunk tank, and by consequence my job, thow myself into a cab and then make my way back to my downtown “zone 1” neighborhood.

Oh noes.


Buchanan-Colbert ’08: It’s never too late!

Thanks to Richard Spencer at Taki’s Magazine for this fine clip, Buchanan on The Colbert Report. My new dream team!