Prayer for the Assumption of Mary

Father in heaven,
all creation rightly gives you praise,
for all life and all holiness come from you.
In the plan of your wisdom
she who bore the Christ in her womb
was raised body and soul in glory to be with him in heaven.
May we follow her example in reflecting your holiness
and join in her hymn of endless love and praise.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.



Theological musings, spurred by the approaching Solemnity of the Assumption

I’ve always wondered something about free will, God’s plan, and the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Mary, Ever Virgin; the coming of the Solemnity of the Assumption (Friday: It’s a Holy Day of Obligation, so get yourself some Mass.) has re-ignited my curiosity, so I ask anyone more theologically inclined and/or knowledgeable than I to proffer any responses to this Marian query of mine.

Setting aside Divine foreknowledge, and assuming that man possesses free will, and, moreover, knowing that God, intending that He should send Gabriel to her to ask that she give birth to the Savior, to God Incarnate, I ask if it is possible that Mary could have, for whatever reason, declined to accept this incomparable means by which to serve her God? If so, and if she had, what would the ramifications (have) be(en)? How could such a thing happen?; that is, how could the only person, Christ notwithstanding, whom God, through the procreative act, with Joachim and Anne, created in a sinless state, for the specific purpose for which He intended her, say no?

I realize that this reaches the fringes of speculation, and probably borders, in some way, on heresy. Nonetheless, it’s something about which I’ve often pondered, and I should like to learn what others think.