Go read Rod.

(Now that I’m Orthodox, there are some things I would obviously change about that piece, but I think the basic point holds up: the storm of modernity that has devastated Catholicism in the West will not spare the East).


Yet another reason to react to pledges of reform with skepticism

From the BBC:

Religious leaders in Venezuela have criticised a recently formed church that openly backs President Hugo Chavez’s socialist politics.

The Reformed Catholic Church was set up by a group of Anglicans and Catholics who wanted to put more emphasis on helping the poor.

I wish that this were the most distressing connection between South American evils and Catholicism that I’ve encountered of late. Alas, yesterday, exiting the National Shrine after the afternoon Mass, I noticed a Hispanic Mass-goer not only, as all too many attendees were, in a t-shirt, but, specifically, in a red garment bearing the face of Ché. *sigh*