More Culture11 goodness!

Joe Carter offers a thoughtful, lucid, important disagreement with Mr Suderman’s post on the GOP’s platform plank respective stem-cell research.

First of all, there is no real need for embryo-destructive research. Last November, scientists discovered how to create embryonic-type stem cells that can be produced directly from ordinary human skin cells, without first creating or destroying human embryos.

[ . . . ]

Second, if corporations asked the government (or even private investors) to fund research into hydrogen-fueled cars by over-hyping their potential while denigrating the alternatives (i.e., electric cars), the watchdogs in the media would be writing Pulitzer-winning exposes. Yet embryonic stem cell research, which currently consists of bad science and even worse ethics, is given a pass. The hype and outright dishonesty surrounding the support of this research instead of adult stem cell research is scandalous . . . .

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